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Sabor'e Organic Skin Care AVAILABLE BY REQUEST & IN STORE ONLY ( L3 conactless delivery or pick up )


Sabore is an advanced range of New Zealand made skincare with potent actives, which requires the expertise of trained Therapists and Clinics to be able to correctly diagnose and prescribe the right Sabore products, tailored to the individuals needs, to successfully correct skin problems and to nourish the skin. Enquire for a FREE skin consulatation (15-30mins) to have your skincare prescribed to suit YOU and address your concerns Skincare Lines: Problematic/Imbalanced The Rebalance line of skincare is often prescribed by Beauty Therapists to their clients who are having great difficulty with their skin due to an imbalance in the Acid Mantle and damage caused by using harsh products that have stripped and created an imbalance for their skin. It is the perfect range for stressed, problematic and imbalanced skins, with gentle and effective results for blemishes and breakouts caused by Hormonal Imbalances, for both younger skins and those experiencing menopause. Anti-Ageing Combination (AHA) The perfect line for those with combination skin types that are concerned with ageing. Anti-Ageing Dry Skin Sabore offers solutions for all your ageing concerns regardless of skin type. Sensitive Prized for its soothing and hydrating properties. The natural scents in this range are gorgeous, combined with the therapeutic and quintessential fragrance of Rose, providing a luxurious feel. Enhanced further by specifically chosen extracts and plants that soothe, treat and heal inflamed, reddened and hyper sensitive skin types. PRESCRIPTION SKINCARE - Sabore also offer other professional serums and prescription only products to intensify and customise your at home skin care regime. Price range $48 - $110 per item Enquire for a FREE skin consulatation (15-30mins) to have your skincare prescribed to suit YOU and address your concerns. Professional Enzyme and Peel facials can be discussed at this time too. Fore more information:

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